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Remote radiology reporting or teleradiology provides an interpretation of diagnostic images such as X-Ray, MRI, CT, PET CT by a seasoned radiologist who is not physically present at the diagnostic center where the images are acquired. The images are acquired along with the clinical history of the patient and digitally transferred to the radiologist at a remote location for an accurate interpretation and reporting in a matter of a few hours.At 5C we understand that medicine is made with practice, and a second opinion is often invaluable. 5C Network provides the liberty to clients to consider a second opinion from our team of radiology professionals in real – time for an in-depth understanding of the diagnosis and formulating a clear treatment plan and better prognosis.We realize that the value of diagnosis is lost if it is not accurate or delivered in time. Being one of the top teleradiology service providers in India, 5C Network aims to serve you with the most precise results in less than a few hours. The timely delivery of interpretation and diagnosis assures that patients receive life-saving intervention in time, each and every time. We have built various AI-aided algorithms for each specialty to facilitate the generation of complete reports from AI inputs. This AI algorithm optimizes the workflow and productivity by identifying and flagging bleeds or underlying clinical pathology. Our radiologist's experience augmented by AI algorithms notably cuts down the "door-to-needle" time for hospitals and diagnostics centers.5C Network visions to lead the transition of our current healthcare landscape to a more digital, organized and resilient health infrastructure. We aim to build a horizontal diagnostics layer in the country. From our radiology application to in-built advanced AI algorithms, we are successfully heading towards the fulfillment of our vision.
The Founders:
Every dream has its roots in reality. Kalyan, one of our co-founders, from personal experience decided to set on this path of not having any patient left without an accurate and timely diagnosis. He believes that the transition of India using advanced high-tech will be instrumental in assisting healthcare professionals to make better decisions contributing to the dream of healthier India, one image at a time.Syed Ahmed, our co-founder, 5C Network is well on its way realize this enormous mission with a team of 300+ expert radiologist experts and presence in 1000+ hospitals throughout the nation.We invite healthcare organizations to be a part of it. Let’s make India healthier together!
Remote Radiology Interpretation