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Life at 5C
Someone wise said that a picture speaks a thousand words. In healthcare, a diagnostic image indeed does. At 5C Network, we are channelizing these images and words towards transformation of the healthcare landscape of India.Delayed and missed diagnosis are some of the leading causes of the rising healthcare burden in India. In many cases, the price is loss of life or severe disability. To improve healthcare outcomes, we first need to know what's wrong. The right diagnosis is 3/4th the treatment. 5C Network is democratizing access to timely and accurate diagnosis, one specialty at a time. We are building the diagnostic operating ecosystem, starting with radiology.Large hospitals are now using technology for demand generation, logistics and data warehousing. The time for tech becoming a keystone in clinical workflows has arrived. Building the diagnosis stack of the future will be a massive feat, and we are first building a team that is energized towards this goal.We are looking at passionate and dedicated individuals to be a part of this revolutionary journey. Young and agile, 5C Network is set to soar its wings in the coming years and if you are someone who thrives in a fast-paced and rapidly evolving growth process, then 5C Network is the place for you.
Play while you learn:
All work and no play make jack a dull boy, goes the old adage. At 5C Network, we take both work and play just as seriously. We take our table tennis tournaments as seriously as our sales targets!Our communication philosophy is that of clarity and candour – we believe that communication is a game best played with two.We may not be perfect, but are experimental and data-driven. Together, we believe this is a combination geared to succeed.
Excited! Drop us a mail at hr@5cnetwork.com.Life at 5C