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About Us

An increasing dependence on radiology for diagnosis, therapeutics, monitoring and prognosis has placed an immense burden on radiology fraternity. While the number of diagnostic centers and hospitals providing radiology services is increasing, there is a shortage of radiology experts, especially sub-specialists such as cardio vascular radiologist, neuro radiologist etc.We at 5C Network are bringing together the 5 stakeholders of radiodiagnosis: the Doctor, Radiologist, Patient, Technologist, and Hospital or Imaging Centre to provide a solution and facilitate effortless functioning. Harnessing the power of technology, we are trying to ensure that no radiology image is left unattended in the country for longer than 2-3 hours.
What do we do?
We, at 5C Network, are fueled by a panel of expert radiologist who remotely provide an accurate and timely diagnosis across several modalities and fulfill the patient to radiologist deficit ratio faced by our country. We offer radiologist interpretation of X-ray, CT, MRI, Mammogram, and Nuclear Medicine by connecting you with the most suitable, seasoned radiologist for your case, no matter where you are in the country.
How it works?
The images acquired at diagnostic centers or hospitals are uploaded and transferred digitally to a radiologist expert through our system. These radiologists at 5C Network utilize their experience and several AI-aided algorithms for interpretation and reporting. This remote radiology reporting technique minimizes the turnaround time to as low as 24 minutes (yes, we are faster than pizza delivery!) maintaining the accuracy of the result.For this we are continuously expanding our network of expert radiologists that are available to diagnose images and help guide treatment plans for patients. Our radiologists are available 24 by 7, even on holidays and festivals, so that no patient has to wait for a diagnosis and treatment.We believe that a dynamic environment striving to keep up with novel advancements is what keeps the momentum going. Our comprehensive yet simple workflow allows us to devise a flawless plan and produce accurate and timely results, image after image. 5C Network offers a simple yet sophisticated interface for our associates and allows them to adjust to our digital ecosystem with ease. The result is smooth operations no matter where our partner radiologist is in the country.
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